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Repaints And Restoration Repairs in Manly And Wynnum

Are you looking for a qualified painter to get your repaints and restoration repairs in Manly and Wynnum done? Add an elegant touch to your home through our service! Contact Brian’s Painting today!

1. We are fully licensed and insured

2. No additional costs, all upfront costs

3. Exceptional customer service

4. Only high-quality products and equipment

5. Flexible scheduling

6. Affordable rates

7. Staffs with the positive attitude and work ethics

8. Highly experienced and skilled painters and technicians

9. Wide range of painting and restoration choices


Cost-effective repaints and restoration repairs

At Brian’s Painting, we help restore and re-energise your residential and commercial building. We successfully reverse the effects of age related wear and tear, paint coating failure, dirt and mildew growth, sealant issues and other painting and renovation deficiencies. If you want to rejuvenate the appearance of your home while maximising the value of your property and preventing costly repairs down the line, then we are the finest repaints and restoration repairs service you can get here in Manly and Wynnum.

Brian’s Painting is a highly experienced home and commercial painter and decorator, operating for more than 46 years and still going strong. Over the years, we have forged a team of highly skilled and qualified painting technicians ready to deliver the best painting finish possible. We have access to the finest industry specific equipment and materials for fast and efficient painting finish.


Most organised and professional service you will find

Painting and restoration work requires complex protocols, procedures and multiple levels of oversight to be completed successfully. Brian’s Painting has abundant experience to work closely with the clients to deliver the projects meticulously within the budget. All our projects are delivered maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and safety rules.

So if you are looking for specialised repaints and restoration repairs in Manly and Wynnum then we are the best you can find. Contact us now and collect your free quote!! Call us at 0427548555 or mail us at for any further information!

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