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Fully Licensed Painters in Norman Park, Hawthorne and Morningside

Are you looking for fully licensed painters across Norman Park, Hawthorne or Morningside? We are not only fully accredited and licensed, we provide the most complete and satisfying service you can find!

Serving for more than 46 years, Brian’s painting has earned the right to be considered a successful painting and renovation service provider, offering all the expertise needed to transform a home, office, or any other commercial structure into the desired appearance that you have been craving for.


The Right Painting Service That You Need by Fully Licensed Painters

We understand how difficult it is to hire the right kind of painting service that understands your vision, needs and wants. We know that project is different from the others. Every client has their unique needs and wants and each time different strategies and designs are required to meet those needs. Therefore, we first listen to the needs of our clients carefully, visit their premises, before recommending the right painting, repairing and renovation solutions that meets their taste and lifestyle. As a result you receive tailored services that are specific to your requirements.


We Know What We are Doing

Operating for more than 4 decades we have grown a reputation of providing the most precise services that are worth every penny. We do not overdose the contract with unnecessary jobs that are not required. We just work hard with integrity and focusing on leave our clients completely satisfied with the end result. So how do we do it?

We only use the best materials to do the job for you. We use toxin free, environmentally friendly painting and renovating products. Besides top-quality products, we have the access to the latest and the most advanced equipment to deliver a project efficiently and on time. Wealth of experience and highly skilled and fully licensed painters in Norman Park, Hawthorne and Morningside to help us achieve the right techniques, updated information and expertise needed to deliver a job as quickly and easily as possible.


Benefitting the Brisbane Neighbourhood for a Long Time

Over the years we have built a large portfolio of satisfied clients and have earned a place of confidence and trust in our own service to consider ourselves one of the best in Queensland. We have worked on a diverse range of restoration and repair projects that involves badly damaged and weathered areas of timber and rendered homes. We also hold full accreditation and government approval to install high-quality membranes to leaky surfaces to help prevent water intrusion.

So if you need the most complete and fully licensed painters in Norman Park, Hawthorne and Morningside, you cannot get another one better than Brian’s Painting!

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